Shared Long Code

Long Code SMS Service Provider

Long Code is a 10 digit Dedicated or shared Mobile Number to be used for SMS Campaign without paying Premium Charges by the sender as in the case of shortcode number, it provides all features of a Shortcode and sender is charged only as per their Normal SMS Charges as he sends to any other mobile number.

Shortcode & Longcode enables 2 way communication between Orgainisation/Company and their Users/clients and widely used for value-added services such as Reality Show Voting, Customers Feedback, Voting/Polling, Automated Lead Generation, Online Subscriptions, Examination Results & Media Entertainment Marketing Verticals.

OnlineSMS Shared Long Code 7666905444

Features :

Keywords One
Sub Keywords Unlimited
Custom Message Yes
Email Reporting Yes
URL Forwarding Yes
Control Panel Yes
Live Traffic Log Yes
24*7 Technical Support Yes
NO Premium SMS Charges Apply Yes
Auto Reply SMS As Per Plan Opted @

Shared Long Code Tariff

Plan Incoming Credits Price/Keyword(₹) Validity(Months) Total Price Buy Now
PlanSLC12KInCr Incoming Credits12,000 Price/Keyword360.000 Validity12 Price4,320.00
PlanSLC6KInCr Incoming Credits6,000 Price/Keyword380.000 Validity6 Price2,280.00
PlanSLC3KInCr Incoming Credits3,000 Price/Keyword400.000 Validity3 Price1,200.00
PlanSLC12M120K Incoming Credits120,000 Price/Keyword990.000 Validity12 Price11,880.00
PlanSLC6M60K Incoming Credits60,000 Price/Keyword1,050.000 Validity6 Price6,300.00
PlanSLC3M30K Incoming Credits30,000 Price/Keyword1,100.000 Validity3 Price3,300.00
PlanSLC1M10K Incoming Credits10,000 Price/Keyword1,200.000 Validity1 Price1,200.00
*Validity of SMS Package is in months
*GST @ 18% Extra


  1. GST @ 18% Extra
  2. Additional Credits @Rs.120 Per 1000 Incoming Credits /Month.
  3. InCredit Pack can be purchased in Min. Block of 1000 InCredits Validity as per Keyword.
  4. Validity is based on InCredit Balance & Plan Duration.
Live DEMO of Shared Long Keyword.
(Step by Step Instructions)
You can Signup an Account at:

and get it activated clicking on Verification Key send to you on your email id.

Then Login in your account at and Go to > Long Code >> Shared

ADD Keyword

Choose the Long Code Number > Enter Keyword you wish to Register and then Submit.

Keyword should be Min. 4 Character. (ABCD)

Note: Do NOT Put any TEXT in Auto Response Message Box (Auto Reply)

> This Keyword will be Active for 1 Day as DEMO / TRIAL

You Need to Create an API on your Domain i.e.:


We forward 2 Variables;

1. from = Incoming SMS Mobile Number

2. message = Incoming SMS Text including your Keyword.

The above API URL will Accept all incoming DATA into your Database and then process it further as required.

Now Once your API is Ready Go to > Long Code > Manage Keyword

and against your Keyword EDIT icon is displayed Click on it and

you can scroll down and Enter your API in

> Forward URL

you can also put your email ID in

> Forward Email ID

for testing purposes Later on Live you can remove it.

That's Done.

By Creating the above Keyword for Test you can use it for 1 Day.


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