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EXPLORE THE POWER OF Shared LONG CODES WITH ONLINESMS.IN Long Code, a 10-digit dedicated or shared mobile number, revolutionizes SMS campaigns by eliminating premium charges typically associated with shortcode numbers. At Onlinesms.in, we bring you the benefits of a Long Code, providing all the features of a shortcode, while ensuring senders are charged only at their standard SMS rates.
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Long Code is a 10 digit Dedicated or shared Mobile Number to be used for SMS Campaign without paying Premium Charges by the sender as in the case of shortcode number, it provides all features of a Shortcode and sender is charged only as per their Normal SMS Charges as he sends to any other mobile number.

Shared Long Codes works with Keyword, keyword is a unique word which is assigned to the long code number, when you or your customers send an SMS from any mobile with a specific keyword given by you, they will get an automatic reply which is set by you. In addition to automatic reply, by enabling URL forwarding you can customize the reply and information's also can be fetched from your remote database too based on the Keyword & Sub keywords. URL Forwarding works with POST & GET method.


Shared Long Code Pricing

Pricing: Shared Long Code Keywords

*w.e.f. 25-Jul-2024   GST @ 18% Extra
Plan Incoming Credits Validity [Months] Price/Keyword [ ₹ ] Net Price [ ₹ ] Buy Now
SLC12KInCr 12000 12 Month 360.00 424.80
SLC6KInCr 6000 6 Month 380.00 448.40
SLC3KInCr 3000 3 Month 400.00 472.00
SLC12M120K 120000 12 Month 990.00 1168.20
SLC6M60K 60000 6 Month 1050.00 1239.00
SLC3M30K 30000 3 Month 1100.00 1298.00
SLC1M10K 10000 1 Month 1200.00 1416.00


  1. GST @ 18% Extra
  2. Additional Credits @Rs.120 Per 1000 Incoming Credits /Month.
  3. InCredit Pack can be purchased in Min. Block of 1000 InCredits Validity as per Keyword.
  4. Payment - Prepaid (100% Advance)
  5. Change in Slab will be initiated only if 10% more of last slab is Order
  6. Validity is based on InCredit Balance & Plan Duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shared Long Code or Long Number?

A Shared Long Code or Long Number is a standard-length (10-digits) virtual phone number that can be used by businesses to send and receive SMS and MMS messages.

When To Use A Long Code or Long Number?

  • Competitions & Voting
  • Product & Service Feedback
  • Campaigns & Promotions
  • Direct Response/Reply Channel and much more!

Is Long Code Costlier than Short Code?

Long Codes are cheaper to use than short codes.

How is Long Code different from Short Code?

A Long Number is the only type of text messaging code that allows your business to send and receive messages around the world, whether it's to a few different countries or internationally.
Short codes, on the other hand, do not have the capability of inbound or outbound calling. Instead, short codes are more advantageous as they are designed and intended to use when your text messaging campaign requires a high volume of messages that get sent and received daily.

Shared Long Code

Shared Long Code

How Shared Long Code is Different from Dedicated Long Code

Shared Long Code

  1. Default Number(s)
  2. Per Keyword based billing
  3. Only Default Numbers
  4. Need to purchase keywords separately
  5. Shared Resources
  6. Shared with other users
  7. Only Keyword based forwarding
  8. Keywords are Subjected to Availability

Dedicated Long Code

  1. Your own choice of Number(s)
  2. Your own choice of Number(s)
  3. Local Numbers Available
  4. Keywords can be resell further
  5. Dedicated Resources
  6. Dedicated only for you
  7. Complete traffic forwarding
  8. All Keywords are available

Potential of two-way communication with Long Codes from Onlinesms.in. For inquiries or to get started, please contact us at 7705006000, 8090606090

Shared Long Code

Why Choose Onlinesms.in for Long Code Services

Cost Savings

Long Codes eliminate premium charges, offering a cost-effective solution for SMS campaigns.

Keyword Integration

Utilize keywords for seamless communication and automate responses for increased efficiency.

URL Forwarding Customization

Tailor automatic replies and integrate with remote databases for personalized engagement.


Long Codes support a wide range of applications, making them suitable for diverse industries and purposes.