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Dedicated Long Code

The Dedicated Long Code Gateway from Onlinesms.in is a game-changer for users requiring heavy traffic on multiple keywords and seeking a dynamic platform for two-way messaging. With the ability to set up unlimited independent keywords, each with its own auto-reply or forward API, this platform ensures unparalleled flexibility and customization for real-time interactions.
Dedicated Longcode Gateway is very useful for the users who have requirement of heavy traffic on keyword and want to make many keywords and also interested to sale keywords to others. You can access your messages that is coming to your keywords in our web based panel or you can also download in your own website.

Benefit: Unlike Short Code sender not charged premium text messaging charges to send message like Rs.3.00 / Rs.6.00, its only charge Normal SMS charges to sender.

Clients can easily configure a unique reply number (dedicated short code) through the web interface allowing recipients to easily respond to a Bulk SMS campaign.


Dedicated Long Code 2 Way Messaging - Features

Transform your communication strategy with the Dedicated Long Code from Onlinesms.in. Experience limitless possibilities in two-way messaging with unmatched customization and control.
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Dedicated Long Code Pricing

Pricing: Dedicated Long Code

*w.e.f. 25-Jul-2024   GST @ 18% Extra
Plan Setup Fee Incoming Credits Validity [Months] Price/Month [ ₹ ] Buy Now
DLC1ML30K 5000.00 30000 1 5500.00
DLC3ML90K 2500.00 90,000 3 5500.00
DLC6ML180K 2500.00 1,80,000 6 5250.00
DLC12ML360K 2500.00 3,60,000 12 5000.00


  1. GST @ 18% Extra
  2. Additional Credits @Rs.1200 Per 10,000 Incoming Credits /Month.
  3. InCredit Pack can be purchased in Min. Block of 10,000 InCredits Validity as per Keyword.
  4. Payment - Prepaid (100% Advance)
  5. Validity is based on InCredit Balance & Plan Duration.


Dedicated Long Code 2 Way Messaging - Benefits

Customized Auto-Replies

Each independent keyword can be configured with its unique auto-reply, allowing businesses to tailor responses based on the specific nature of the keyword.

API Forwarding for Real-Time Replies

Harness the power of API forwarding to enable real-time replies from applications. This feature ensures dynamic and instantaneous interactions with users.

Monetization Opportunities

Explore revenue streams by selling keywords to other businesses, unlocking monetization opportunities within the two-way messaging platform.

Versatility for Various Industries

The Dedicated Long Code is versatile, catering to a wide range of industries and use cases. It is suitable for customer feedback, interactive campaigns, voting/polling, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dedicated Long Code?

A Dedicated Long Code or Long Number is a standard-length (10-digits) virtual phone number that can be used by businesses to send and receive SMS and MMS messages.

When To Use A Long Code or Long Number?

  • Competitions & Voting
  • Product & Service Feedback
  • Campaigns & Promotions
  • Direct Response/Reply Channel and much more!

Is Long Code Costlier than Short Code?

Long Codes are cheaper to use than short codes.

How is Long Code different from Short Code?

A Long Number is the only type of text messaging code that allows your business to send and receive messages around the world, whether it's to a few different countries or internationally.
Short codes, on the other hand, do not have the capability of inbound or outbound calling. Instead, short codes are more advantageous as they are designed and intended to use when your text messaging campaign requires a high volume of messages that get sent and received daily.