International SMS Service By OnlineSMS:

Global Connectivity, Real-Time API

OnlineSMS International Messaging is proud to offer a comprehensive International SMS Service, providing users with an efficient and reliable means of sending and receiving instant communications globally. Our service is designed to facilitate seamless connectivity with overseas clients and customers, ensuring that your messages are delivered promptly and reliably, even in areas without internet access.

Key Advantages

  1. Extensive Global Coverage: Our International SMS Service spans 187 countries worldwide, offering unparalleled global reach. Regardless of your target location, ensures that your messages can be sent and received with ease.
  2. Real-Time API Connectivity: With our real-time API connect, users benefit from instantaneous communication, allowing for quick and efficient message delivery. This feature is particularly advantageous for time-sensitive alerts, reminders, confirmations, and promotional messages.
  3. Tailored Pricing: Our pricing model is flexible and varies by country. By contacting us for an international SMS quote, users can explore cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific needs

Benefits of International SMS Service:
  1. Global Reach for Brands: International SMS empowers brands and large-scale businesses to connect with customers worldwide. Whether it's delivering timely alerts, reminders, confirmations, or promotional messages, our service ensures global coverage.
  2. High Delivery Confidence: Ideal for communications requiring a high level of delivery confidence, International SMS is widely used for travel delay and cancellation notifications, marketing messages, billing notifications, and reminders.
  3. Instant Customer Engagement: : With over 90 percent of messages read within 90 seconds, SMS offers unparalleled customer engagement. It outperforms other forms of electronic communication, providing a higher open rate than email and more impact than a tweet.
  4. Worldwide Accessibility: Utilizing International SMS means you can reach customers anywhere in the world, knowing that your messages are being received and read. This level of global accessibility instills confidence in the effectiveness of your communication strategy.

In conclusion,'s International SMS Service stands as an invaluable tool for businesses seeking a reliable and efficient means of global communication. With real-time API connectivity, extensive coverage, and tailored pricing, our service ensures that your messages reach their destination promptly, fostering greater customer engagement and response.

For further information or to explore our International SMS solutions, please contact us at 7705006000, 8090606090


International SMS Route for Indian Residents

Pricing: International SMS

*w.e.f. 25-Jul-2024   GST @ 18% Extra

Reach Globally with
Use our International SMS Gateway and reach global customers at an affordable price. Single Login, from one Account you can deliver SMS to 1222 Countries & Operators across the Globe.

Minimum Deposit SMS Credits to Purchase : € 100
Validity Period : 365 days
For Orders Contact: +91 80 90 60 60 90

Tariff Plan for International SMS Gateway (Country & Operator Wise)

Country info will be listed here.


  1. GST @ 18% Extra
  2. InCredit Pack can be purchased in Min. Block of 1000 InCredits Validity as per Keyword.
  3. Payment - Prepaid (100% Advance)
  4. Change in Slab will be initiated only if 10% more of last slab is Order

Mode of Payment:
  1. Pay Via Credit Card / Debit Card [Master/VISA]
  2. Pay Via Bank within India