Transactional SMS

Transactional High Priority SMS / OTP SMS

Transactional SMS refers to a type of SMS (Short Message Service) that is used for sending critical and important information to customers. Unlike promotional or marketing SMS, which are intended for promotional purposes, transactional SMS messages are typically sent in response to specific actions or events initiated by the user.
Transactional SMS is often used by businesses and organizations to send important updates, notifications, alerts, and transaction-related information to their customers.
The Transactional High Priority SMS sent with an objective of Inform Mobile User regarding any of his transaction related to his a/c. Alert, Updates are mapped as a Transactional Route.

In High Priority route SMS are delivered within 5 Seconds via Multiple GSM operator gateway. This category includes any Personal Account Information, Alerts, Update messages which are requested / OPTIN by the recipient.

Transactional SMS gets delivered on all mobile numbers 24/7 with a DLT Sender ID of 6 Character ALPHA only & DLT Templates or Business Process.

These kinds of messages are those which are necessary for the user! In ordinary language it is also termed as Service Alert Messages.

Client needs to Submit KYC Documents to avail Transactional SMS with other TRAI required documents. These messages include the messages which are only passed because the client or user OPTED that particular message & which do not contain any promotion or marketing content.

For example:

  1. Order confirmations and delivery updates: E-commerce businesses use transactional SMS to inform customers about the status of their orders, including order confirmations, shipment tracking details, and estimated delivery dates.
  2. Account notifications: Banks and financial institutions utilize transactional SMS to send alerts and notifications related to account balances, transactions, payment reminders, and security-related information.
  3. Appointment reminders: Service-based businesses such as healthcare providers, salons, or fitness centers send transactional SMS to remind customers of their upcoming appointments, including date, time, and any necessary instructions.
  4. Password resets and OTPs: Transactional SMS is often used to deliver one-time passwords (OTPs) for user authentication, password resets, and account verification purposes.
  5. Flight or travel updates: Airlines and travel agencies send transactional SMS to inform passengers about flight delays, cancellations, gate changes, or booking confirmations.
  6. Service updates: Informing customers about service outages, maintenance schedules, or any changes in service availability.
  7. OTP (One-Time Password) verification: Sending temporary passwords or verification codes to users for authentication purposes during account registration, password resets, or other security-related processes.
  8. Subscription or membership alerts: Updating customers about subscription renewals, membership expirations, or changes in subscription plans.
  9. Important alerts: Sending critical notifications to users, such as emergency alerts, account security warnings, or important announcements from the business or organization.
  10. Travel updates: Airlines, railways, and travel agencies use transactional SMS to provide customers with flight or train schedule changes, booking confirmations, seat allocations, and other travel-related information.

Transactional SMS messages are typically sent from a recognizable sender ID or shortcode and usually contain essential and time-sensitive information. These messages are considered important for the recipient and are often exempt from regulatory restrictions such as Do Not Disturb (DND) regulations, ensuring that customers receive critical updates and information.


Transactional SMS Features

Round the Clock 24 X 7

Transactional SMS can be sent and received by customers 24x7 across 365 days.

Real-time Delivery Report

User Panel receives instant confirmation report on the messages sent and the status on its delivery in real-time.

Customized DLT Templates

Send bulk transactional messages from your DLT approved sender ID as per the customized DLT approved template.

API Integration

Pleasant melody replacing silence during waiting period till call answer.

Unlimited Texts

Send as many text messages as you want while including your brand name with a unique number to stand out.

Trackable SMS

Track and monitor total SMSs delivered and received by the customers.

In Call Transfer

Received Call wil be transferred to desired , defined number in user panel.

CRM Integration

API available to facilitate integration on own Web Application.


Web Application has a feature to blacklist caller number anytime.


Transactional High Pricing

Pricing: Transactional High Priority

*w.e.f. 03-Oct-2023   GST @ 18% Extra
SMS Package Validity Total Price [ ₹ ] Net Price [ ₹ ] Buy Now
05K* 12 Months 1,700.00 2006.00
10K 12 Months 2,150.00 2537.00
25K 12 Months 5,250.00 6195.00
50K6M 6 Months 10,250.00 12095.00
50K 12 Months 10,600.00 12508.00
1L6M 6 Months 19,500.00 23010.00
1L 12 Months 19,700.00 23246.00
1L1M 1 Months 16,000.00 18880.00
5L 12 Months 97,000.00 114460.00
10L 12 Months 190,000.00 224200.00
10L6M 6 Months 185,000.00 218300.00

Transactional SMS

Transactional Bulk SMS service

Using Transactional SMS send SMS to all DND & Non-DND Mobile Numbers 24 X 7 X 365


  1. GST @ 18% Extra
  2. Transactional SMS 6 Character ALPHA Sender ID DLT Approved
  3. Send SMS via Web Portal, XL or Outlook PlugIn, CSV, API, etc.
  4. SMS Validity: As per Plan Opted Validity.
  5. Default Sender ID: OPTINS
  6. UR Sender ID Request as per TRAI Guidelines. For DLT Registration Help Contact Us
  7. Delivery within 120 Seconds
  8. Upto 100% delivery
  9. Sender ID Request Document & Terms
  10. Live Call Log.
  11. Contact us for Transactional High Priority SMS Gateway or DLT Registration, Header id, Template Registration Process.