ICB Virtual Receptionist

ICB Virtual Receptionist / Cloud IVR

In Virtual Call Centre / Virtual Receptionist, you can Setup a Voice Message as Introduction with Options of Pressing key Option 1, 2, 3, 4, & so on..

Then Configure phone numbers to each option number. Now when your Client calls your Number your Recorded Voice Message is broadcasted to him with Key-in Options like in EPABX, the Client when Presses Option Key our IVR Server dials outbound call to your option number and connects you with your client calling your Virtual Number. Both of you start talking. Isn't it great? You save huge cost of setup a Reception with EPABX. You are charged for all outgoing calls per 15 sec. basis. So SAVE Infrastructure, Setup & Maintenance Cost.

Interactive voice response IVR is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via a keypad.

Multi Level IVR: Multi-level IVR is a hierarchical menu structure that expands the capability of the current Auto-Receptionist feature. IVR extends this capability by providing user admin with the flexibility to simplify inbound call flow configurations. It is ideal for companies that need economical, efficient, professional call handling system with real-time logs, recording, etc.
Concurrent Call Handling: Use Call Forwarding to send incoming calls to phones or external phone numbers. with a huge features like Ring on multiple phones in simultaneous or sequential order, Set the length of time a phone rings before calls forward to the next phone, Filter calls by business hours, call screening and caller ID, Activate call recording for free included.


Cloud IVR Features

Dedicated IVR Number

You get a Virtual Number with Integrated IVR to your Mobile Numbers and Landline Numbers.

Call Recording

Function permitting to observe information concerning call logs (length, date & time, caller number, recording).

IVR Menu

Automated voice menu guide's caller to correct department by linking dial digits with extension codes.

Hold Music

Pleasant melody replacing silence during waiting period till call answer.


Welcome greeting message when caller calls to IVR number.

SMS/Mail Notification

Alert Mail and Alert Message on Call from Client/User.

In Call Transfer

Received Call wil be transferred to desired , defined number in user panel.

CRM Integration

API available to facilitate integration on own Web Application.


Web Application has a feature to blacklist caller number anytime.


Check Pricing

Pricing: ICB Virtual Receptionist / Cloud IVR

*w.e.f. 25-Jul-2024   GST @ 18% Extra
Land Line Plan Minutes Validity Price [ ₹ ] Net Price [ ₹ ] Buy Now
IVR-01 Unlimited 1 Month 3000 3540.00
IVR-03 Unlimited 3 Month 5000 5900.00
IVR-06 Unlimited 6 Month 9000 10620.00
IVR-12 Unlimited 12 Month 18900 22302.00
Toll Free Plan Minutes Validity Price [ ₹ ] Net Price [ ₹ ] Buy Now
IVR-1800-01 1000 1 Month 5000 5900.00
IVR-1800-03 3000 3 Month 9900 11682.00
IVR-1800-06 6000 6 Month 14900 17582.00
IVR-1800-12 12000 12 Month 21900 25842.00


IVR Flow

Add Your Phone Number to Our Hosted Cloud IVR for Real Time Call Management,Recording,Log,Auto Reply SMS Notification & More..

  1. Ring > Call Pick & Welcome Voice Message is Played with Option 0 to 9 to press Key.
  2. On Key Press Specific Extension will get Connected with Caller Number within few Seconds.


  1. GST @ 18% Extra
  2. IVR-01, IVR-03, IVR-06, IVR-12 are landline Plans
  3. Client can configure his own Mobile Number on IVR.
  4. IVR-1800 is a Toll Free 1800 xxx xxxx Number.
  5. Unlimited Incoming Calls.
  6. Unlimited Outbound Calling Minutes on 1st. 3 Extentions on IVR Plans.
  7. Each Extension Supports 3 Agent Numbers.
  8. Plan supported 3 Extension & 9 Agents outbound calling.
  9. Additional Extension @Rs.1,000/ext./month including UnLtd. Outbound Calls.
  10. Live Call Log.
  11. Outgoing Transactional SMS @Rs.0.20/sms/credit.
  12. Voice OBD / SMS @Rs.1.00/credit of 30 seconds.
  13. IVR Voice Recording can be configured.