OnlineSMS WhatsApp Messaging
OnlineSMS WhatsApp Messaging
OnlineSMS WhatsApp Messaging

WhatsApp Messaging

Use WhatsApp API for your Business

Connect with your customers easily by using WhatsApp API to automate, sort and respond to messages & send marketing promotions also

  • Send Rich Multimedia: Sizes of all multimedia are different. Images, Audio & pdf should be 1 MB & Video 5 MB
  • Easy to send in Bulk: To send any campaign is very easy by uploading Images, pdf, audio, video & writing text also.
  • Guaranteed Delivery: We try to delivery each WhatsApp message with proper WhatsApp API channels assigned to.
  • Flexible Pricing for All Businesses: Get Customized pricing for your business. You can go for small package to large packages depending on Usages.
  • Best Way to Reach Targeted Clients: Now all Businesses are dependent mostly on WhatsApp Chats for Quick Replies & Customer Engagements.

For Pricing Feel free to connect us at 809 060 6090 , 770 500 6000


WhatsApp Messaging Features

Verified business profiles

WhatsApp Business API enables enterprises to build a recognizable and trustworthy profile with a green checkmark badge that confirms brand authenticity. The profile also lists key contact information like business name, address and other information for customer reference.

Rich media messaging

One of the best WhatsApp Business API features is the ability to send and receive rich media content such as images, videos, and files. From PDF travel itineraries to images showcasing the latest products, rich media will help to enrich communications and create more engaging experiences.

End-to-end encryption

WhatsApp ensures the end-to-end encryption of all messages, meaning that all interactions with customers are completely secure and private. Amidst rising security attacks and data leak threats, this feature is a significant value-add for customers.

Delivery and read receipts

Through the WhatsApp Business API, enterprises can track if the customer has received and read messages. This opens up the possibility for intelligent fallback, using WhatsApp in combination with other channels to improve customer contact rates for critical communications such as flight delays.

WhatsApp Messaging

WhatsApp Messaging

Effective WhatsApp for Business Solutions at a glance

Now Integrate WhatsApp Business API in your Website, Application, CRM or Software for Automated Messages. Connect with your customers easily by using WhatsApp API to automate, sort and respond to messages & send marketing promotions also.

  1. Greet Customers with Welcome Message: Greet customers with a warm welcoming message.WhatsApp has a feature to send a greeting message for the customers who send you message for the first time or after 14 days of no activity.
  2. Let us know ur Business : Before sending any campaigns we first know deeply about clients business & services they provide.
  3. Dream on New Ideas: To fulfill a business dream, WhatsApp for Business will help your goal to achieve it easily.
  4. Sustained Business: Sustained business growth is always required for all small to large companies to generate business revenue.
  5. Robust WhatsApp Plan: Always make a robust Whatsapp marketing plan to reach your targeted customers & clients in a low budget also.
  6. Create Broadcast Groups: It is a time-saving technique which allows reaching a wide number of potential customers at a time!

OnlineSMS WhatsApp Messaging

OnlineSMS WhatsApp Messaging

Smart ways to use WhatsApp Business API
  1. Food Delivery: Use WhatsApp to create seamless ordering and delivery experiences with real-time status updates.
  2. Ride Healing: Let customers order rides and connect with drivers directly in WhatsApp for a hassle-free experience.
  3. Retail: Send proactive messages, like new product announcements, coupons, subscription reminders and more, to drive after-sales engagement.
  4. Airlines: Update customers about their flight status and share boarding passes and other useful documents.
  5. Banking: Simplify the banking experience by offering valuable, mobile-centric services such as real-time updates on transactions.
  6. Healthcare: Give customers a gentle nudge to book that dentist appointment - or a reminder to make sure they don't miss that doctor visit tomorrow!
  7. Target Group Interaction: With survey, feedback requests about products or services, and requests for user-generated content, you can gain valuable information and develop a better customer relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp API is designed for SMBs that want to leverage WhatsApp’s popularity and boost their sales & customer experience. With the WhatsApp APIs, it’s really easy for businesses to add WhatsApp to their communications strategy, and interact with customers globally on their favorite messaging app.

What can my business do with WhatsApp Business APIs?

  • Connect with their customers at scale to share information, answer questions, address concerns/complaints
  • Automate notifications and alerts
  • Collect instant feedback and data

How do I get WhatsApp API?

Business users cannot simply download the WhatsApp API. To get the WhatsApp API for their business, they need to go through a Business Solution Provider (BSP) like us.

How can we send Promotional WhatsApp Messages?

You just need a set of contact numbers using WhatsApp and buy a Promotional plan and start sending.

Where can I buy Contact Numbers that match my business for sending WhatsApp Messages?

We can connect you to our data vendors , who can provide selective data of a particular business segment, age, gender, city, state.