About Bulk SMS

Mobile phones have become a powerful tool. Now you can easily reach Billion of people in a personal and interactive way. Online SMS help to get in touch with people in a faster and cheaper way. There are bulk SMS dedicated Routes to various companies who look for bulk SMS as a marketing tool.

OnlineSMS.in Bulk SMS Services offers compelling price-performance ratios unmatched by traditional media with its offerings like Bulk SMS software & Bulk SMS alerts and�it also enables the creation of a two way SMS channel for generating leads, promoting products/services, communicating with employees, receiving feedback from customers and sending automated Bulk SMS alerts.

Clients can�easily configure a unique reply number (dedicated short code) through the web interface allowing recipients to easily respond to�a Bulk SMS campaign.

Our online Bulk SMS Software empowers the users with High Quality, Instant Delivery and user friendly Bulk SMS Services which takes the user experience to a whole new level.



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