Long Code

Long Code / SIM Hosting

SIM Hosting is an easy way to receive SMS messages from your users/clients to your Server or Database, through a connection to our SMS gateway. You can have your own SIM card or a shared one hosted to one of our GSM Server, so as to be able to receive SMS. All SMS messages sent to the mobile phone number of the SIM card will be forwarded to your account with us, to your mobile phone or to a URL of your Data Base Server.

The SIM card’s mobile phone number will serve as a dedicated phone number of your SMS application. To use this service, you can create Unlimited Keywords & Sub Keywords on this Dedicated Long Code Mobile Number, you Courier your SIM card to us. The SIM card will be put into one of our GSM Server, which is connected to our SMS gateway. Our SMS gateway will forward all received SMS messages to your opted route using a certain protocol / interface that suits best to your needs; for example HTTP, HTTPS, SMS to email, etc.

How can it really help us?
  • SMS marketing or promotion campaign
  • Perform personalized SMS broadcasting.
  • Deliver time-critical enterprise information to mobile employees.
  • Integrate with your existing system to give SMS features, SMS alert, CRM or ERP.
  • Make your mobile phone as remote control of your PC.
  • Use as SMS Reminder / SMS Alert System.
  • Use as Customer Helpdesk System.
  • Keep alerted when there is an important email received.
  • Very much time saving compare to typing SMS using hand phone.
  • Update your customers for new contact number by sending business to them.


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